COVID-19 Update

BEE Anglia is still supporting businesses seeking to cut their energy use.  Like most businesses, our usual working structures have been severely affected, but we can still provide support for those who are using the opportunity to investigate carbon reduction opportunities.  In this evolving situation, we advise you to get in touch with our team if you think we might be able to help.

New Grant applications

At the moment we are unable to undertake site visits for new applicants. Our team will still need to check that the proposed measure meets our requirements, and help verify the savings you might expect.  This will be done virtually, through discussion and photographs/ video as appropriate.  We will try to be flexible to the situations of individual businesses.

Any grant offer made without a site visit will be conditional on acceptance of a verification visit to confirm installation once this becomes possible, and BEE Anglia reserves the right to reclaim grants where measures have not been implemented as described.

Existing grant applications

If you have already received a grant offer, you should have received an email describing how to submit your claim.  If you have not done so, or have any other questions, please contact 

Until further notice, all claims should be emailed to  Please note the specific points below - and any other advice we give you - as these checks are required for us to be able to make payment. 

Your covering email should be from your usual work email account (as used on your application), and should include the following:
- The statement: “I (NAME) certify that the attached documents (listed below) are true, exact and unaltered copies of the original”
- A list of every document attached to the email. These must include as a minimum the following:
o A completed DC712 Grant Claim Form
o Invoice(s) from your supplier(s) detailing the work completed
o Bank statement(s) evidencing that payment has been made
- Photos that clearly show the installed measure. Provide as many photos as needed to capture the relevant details.

Carbon charter accreditation

Grant funding

Free energy reviews