Online Grant Applications

Online Grant Applications for LED Lighting

You can now apply directly for a grant for LED Lighting projects. Please note: Your total project value should be between a minimum of £3,550 and a maximum of £25,000.  You should also ensure that you are eligible to apply for a grant through BEE Anglia. Before applying please review the eligibility requirements here.

Process for online grant applications:

  1. Complete the Lighting Calculator to establish your project requirements, costing and details
  2. Complete the LED Lighting Grant Application Form and send to NWES
  3. NWES will contact you to discuss the next steps, further information may be requested at this time
  4. Application formally submitted to grants panel
  5. Panel result shared with you (approve or decline)
  6. Orders placed for the project
  7. Work undertaken and paid for
  8. Grant money awarded

Download the Lighting Calculator here

Download the Application form here

For support with the Online Grant Process, please contact the team at NWES directly

PLEASE NOTE: This simplified process is only available for grants to support lighting replacements.  Grants to support other technologies, or lighting installation where there are not existing lights, are available through BEE Anglia.  Please contact the team to discuss your project on 01473 350370 or email us.

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