Grant Funding

BEE Anglia has grants of up to £20,000 available to businesses.

Key Points:

  • Grants pay 20-40% of costs (typically 30%. See below for details)
  • Minimum project spend on eligible costs, including all grant & private contributions: £2,000
  • Eligibility criteria apply (see here for details)
  • Applications must be endorsed by a BEE Anglia advisor
  • Not available to businesses that have already received a BEE Anglia grant
  • Grants will not support projects already committed to (e.g. where payment has been made, orders have been placed, work has started, etc.)

Register your interest here, call 01473 350370 or email us for further information.

Eligible Technologies & Grant Support Rates

BEE Anglia can support most measures that reduce the business' carbon footprint.  Some technologies attract different rates.  The final decision on grant award rests with the Panel, so these rates are for guidance only.  This list is indicative and not exhaustive. Speak to your advisor for specific queries.

40% of total eligible costs

  • Battery Storage
  • Heat Recovery
  • Ground or Water Source Heat Pumps

30% of total eligible costs

  • Solar Panels
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Double or Triple Glazing
  • Insulation (solid wall)
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • LED floodlights (stadium style)

20% of total eligible costs

  • Insulation (loft or cavity wall)
  • LED Lights (standard)
  • High efficiency machinery

Ineligible Technologies

  • Efficient boilers (fossil fuel)
  • Non-LED lighting
  • Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles


BEE Anglia reserves the right to adjust the indicative rates assigned to technologies at any point and without notice.  Once an offer has been issued, the rate it uses will apply to that offer, regardless of subsequent changes to the project's indicative rate.

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Grant funding

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