Grant Funding

Update 5/06/2019 - Due to high demand, we have been awarded extra funding, meaning we can offer grants of up to £20,000 to businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk.  Applications for funding will be reviewed from July; you can speak to an advisor now about how a grant might benefit your business - register your interest here.

  • Not available to businesses that have already received a BEE Anglia grant
  • Typical intervention rate is 29% (range of 20-35%)
  • Grants will not support projects already committed to
  • Eligibility criteria apply (see here for details)
  • Applications must be endorsed by a BEE Anglia advisor

Register your interest here, call 01473 350370 or email us for further information.

Examples of measures that could attract grants include:

  • LED lighting & lighting controls
  • Electric or hybrid electric vehicles
  • Vehicle tracking hardware
  • Heating & heating controls
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Renewable systems
  • More efficient equipment

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Grant funding

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