40% Grants for Commercial Vehicles


Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia are pleased to announce that 40% grants are now available for electric vans and other commercial vehicles.

BEE Anglia operates a flexible grant rate to prioritise the money where it is most needed.  While the technology for commercial vehicles has developed enormously in the past few years, the up front costs are still significantly higher.

With the government's renewed push to move us away from petrol and diesel vehicles, and transport proving the hardest sector to decarbonise, BEE Anglia is recognising that commercial transport is one of the key challenges for many businesses.

While the technology still won't meet the needs of all businesses, especially those regularly doing long journeys, there are many commercial vehicles that could be replaced with electric alternatives today.  Research from Renault has found that 70% of van users drive less than 62 miles a day - and that's less than half the range of modern electric vans.

The 40% band covers all electric commercial, as opposed to passenger vehicles.  For further details on the difference, see this page, or speak to one of our advisors about how a grant could help your business.