Carbon Literacy Webinar - 29th April 2021


1pm Thursday 29th April 2021:  With the environment becoming more important in a modern economy, this webinar will help you understand the difference you can make.

What is Carbon Literacy?

Carbon literacy is an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.


Presented by Amy Coulter, Senior Environmental Advisor for Groundwork East, this presentation will encourage new ideas and efficiencies as well as explaining the rationale for action and change.


There are many drivers for becoming Carbon Literate. The greater understanding of sustainability objectives that will come from experiencing this webinar will help you enhance the reputation of your organisation, improve your competitiveness and ensure your customers know that you share their environmental aspirations.

You can book your place on this webinar HERE