Norfolk based Goodchild Marine Services awarded grant for Energy Efficiency


Based at Great Yarmouth Port, Goodchild Marine Services Ltd specialise in producing dedicated workboats in the UK for many commercial operators. They have recently been awarded grant funding from the Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia project for the installation of LED lighting throughout the site and upgrading their boiler.

Following an independent energy audit, Goodchild Marine Services Ltd successfully applied for a grant of £16,625 The energy savings gained by implementing this project will amount to 19.5 tonnes CO2e per year, plus cost savings of £3,400. This will support future growth within their business, while working to protect our environment in line with their environmental policy.

“We are delighted with the LED lighting throughout the company and it is returning more savings than anticipated. It produces daylight working conditions internally for all staff in all areas of our production process. The Boiler is also incredibly efficient compared to the old boiler we had. This has enhanced our prospects when quoting for new work due to the reduction in our carbon footprint.”  Sue Goodchild, Director.

“I am delighted that we have been able to support Goodchild Marine Services Ltd to enhance their sustainability – both economically and environmentally. The independent audits have given them the assurance that these savings will be achieved.”  Mr. Martin Wilby, Chairman of Environment, Development & Transport Committee, Norfolk County Council

Grant funding is just one of the three core offers that the BEE Anglia project has available to help businesses reduce carbon and save money. Businesses interested in any aspect of this service can find out more and register here or call Groundwork on 01473 350370. Dedicated advisors will be able to answer any queries about eligibility for the programme or potential grant projects.

Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia have, to date, awarded £432,600 in grant funding for various energy efficiency projects including radiant heating, vehicle tracking, wood burners and lighting. These grants have contributed to energy efficiency projects worth a total of £1,580,000. The scope for grant funding has been widened to enable ANY energy efficiency measure to be considered. Approval will be based on being able to demonstrate sufficient associated energy savings.

Goodchild Marine Services