Top Tips for Businesses to Save Energy


Some top tips for businesses to save costs and carbon the following:

  1. Switch off lights and equipment when not in use and make sure your colleagues do too. Notices or stickers can help remind everyone to switch off, e.g. for lights in areas which are used infrequently such as storerooms.
  2. Turn down your heating, make sure timers match working hours and ensure a dead band of 3oC is set between heating and cooling/air-conditioning (to ensure they are not working simultaneously). The recommended temperature in an office is 21oC, and turning the thermostat down by just 1oC can save 8% on energy bills.
  3. Check for draughts. Insulate lofts and walls, and double-glaze windows and doors. In a typical commercial building approximately 22% of heat is lost through the roof. Grants are available for insulation and double-glazing to businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk through BEE Anglia.
  4. Consider installing low energy LED lighting and motion or daylight sensors. LED lighting can save around 50% of lighting costs and grants are available to businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk through BEE Anglia.
  5. Switch to a green energy tariff or generate your own electricity with solar PV - take advantage of BEE Anglia grants or the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme (which concludes at end of March 2019).
  6. Gain accreditation to the Carbon Charter – an environmental award scheme and network of local businesses who are taking action on reducing their carbon footprints. The Charter provides on-going support to help businesses reduce their environmental impacts and make their business more efficient.

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