Tender Opportunity - Heating & Ventilation


Tender Opportunity - replacing the heating & cooling system at Wensum Sports Centre

Ref :8815T/A

 Wensum Sports Centre Charitable Association require a new heating and ventilation system to replace the existing gas heating in the sports hall.

 Address of premises: 169 King Street, Norwich, NR1 1QW
Website: www.wensumsports.com/
Contact: Sarah Medler
Telephone: 01603 568 823


Wensum Sports Centre occupies a 1960s building on King Street in Norwich and offers facilities for badminton, squash, table tennis, pickleball, martial arts, fitness and more. The sports centre is run by the Wensum Sports Centre charitable organisation.

The site has a total estimated floor area of 1,000m2, comprising of a sports hall, 2 squash courts, martial arts area, changing rooms and showers, meeting room, kitchen/seating area and the office.

Tender Specifics

This tender is for the replacement of the existing natural gas radiant burners with an appropriate and efficient heating & ventilation system.

 Quotes are being invited by the 24th May 2018 for the following works:

  • Remove and safely dispose of existing gas heating system with 72kW output
  • Install an air-to-air heat pump system to include a ventilation heat recovery heat loss system. The system to be sufficient to meet the needs of the space.
  • Install an appropriate and efficient ventilation system including heat recovery units, to exchange the heat leaving the hall with the incoming outside air and heat the incoming air supply.
  • The ventilation system must entail very low air movement and be in line with the air change recommendations for number of people occupying the hall. This system needs to take account of all hall users, notably by not affecting badminton shuttlecock flight.
  • The site is fully accessible to vehicles with onsite parking. Installation is preferred for the end of July, when other works are taking place and scaffolding will be available.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Medler on 01603 568823 should you have any queries regarding the requirements.


Interested parties are required to supply a detailed quote for the works quoting Reference 8815T/A by 5pm Thursday 24th May 2018 by email to wensumsports@yahoo.co.uk


The Successful candidate will be determined using Price (40% weighting) and Quality of Service (60% weighting).  Quality of Service should be understood as describing how well the response meets the needs of the Sports Centre as described here, with specific consideration given to:

  • Ability to perform the works
  • Availability to perform the works.
  • Anticipated ongoing future savings from reduced energy costs.
  • Suitability of the system for operation in the sports hall